We Believe

Ministry is about people

As a leader, where do you spend most of your time? Is it "doing ministry" by doing tasks? If so, then you may be missing out on the single-most important time investment of a leader: the people. Our goal is to provide tools that save ministry leaders time. In doing so, you can focus on your team rather than tasks.

People should be respected

Volunteers work a full day and then give their spare time at your church. Don't burden your volunteers due to poor planning and over utilization. Our software allows for better volunteer management and helps create healthier volunteers. In turn, you will be less likely to cause burnout and more likely to recruit volunteers.

People should be empowered

Volunteers have a variety of schedules. Our software centralizes scheduling and communication tasks, providing a proxy to allow volunteers to say 'no' without feeling guilty. This empowerment creates a healthier environment and encourages growth when recruiting volunteers.

People know better

Too often, software tries to out-guess and out-think people. Our features will enable people to be productive and make decisions, rather than being loaded down with complicated configurations and workflows. You take control, not the software.

Ministry leaders need software, too

Investing in people requires the right software for the job. While we agree that Church Management Software (ChMS) helps manage church data, the tools often target staff and a few data entry specialists. This leaves the ministry leader with nothing that help them with their day-to-day operations. We fill this gap with software to manage your team, while building upon your other software investments by integrating with leading church management systems.

Software should conform to your process

Churches have a varied approach when it comes to process. We believe that software should provide the management features necessary to ease volunteer management, while preventing unncessary change to your operational process. We don't require a specific process to use our software - use only the features you desire in the way you prefer.

Software should scale with your size

You should never outgrow your software; software should grow with you. While you can take your data with you at any time, we believe that church software should function effectively whether you are a church of 10 or 10,000. And since we host the software, you never have to worry about adding expensive servers to handle your church growth. Multi-site or Nomadic churches never have to worry about finding a location for servers - all you need is Internet access.

Software shouldn't require custom programming

Some church software require custom programming or consulting before you can get started. You will never need custom programming services or a consulting team to use our software.

Software should allow easy signup and signout

Software shouldn't force you into a contract like mobile phone carriers. Our goal is to enable easy on and easy off access to our software. Get started managing your church team quickly, and leave when you want. No activation or setup fees, no lock-in, and no penalties for leaving.

Software shouldn't be priced per person or "seat"

Our plans are tiered based on features, not membership. Sign up using one of our pricing plans based on your church needs, without penalty for your church size. Start small by using our software for a few teams, then add more as needed. Seat-based pricing only makes you feel guilty and charges you more as you succeed in the Great Commission.